System Features (Lecture 15)

  • Read about the Unix System Interface (K&R Chapter 8), Regular Expressions (Das), and use of Pointers (King Chapter 17)

    The next quiz will be based on material through Lab 5 and all lectures until the quiz day. This is basically King Chapters 1-17, or K&R Chapters 1-8. From here on we will switch to C++. For assignment #2 you can use the G++ compiler (while programming in C) so that you get some exposure to the more stringent requirements of that system.

  • Assignment 3 requires that you work in groups of 2 or 3 people. You must designate your groups, as directed in the assignment statement, by Friday 16 March.

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    This week in the labs you will gain more practice and experience with pointers. This knowledge is essential for Assignment 2. Don't miss it. There is far more to know for the assignment, but important basics which will help you debug your Assignment 2 program will be learned here.