Structures (Lecture 13)

  • Reading King Chapter 16 Structures and Unions or K&R Chapter 6 (Sections 6.3 to 6.8)
  • The book "Your Unix" has good chapters on vi and emacs, pattern matching (Chapter 15) and regular expressions, CVS and make.

  • Press here for other lecture topics

  • For source code of two worked examples insertion sort linked list and LIFO stack as list
  • Press here for basic information about Structures
  • Press here for next design topic from Mark Green's notes.
  • Macros with parameters is also worth reading at this time.

    In labs 4 and 5 you will gain important practice and experience with pointers. This knowledge is essential for Assignment 2. Don't miss it. There is far more to know for the assignment, but important basics which will help you debug your Assignment 2 program will be learned here.