Search Graph Biblilography

This form will search the graph bibiliography and send output back as either a cite key with a title, or as a set of bibTeX records. See NOTES below.

Output format: Cite key bibTeX

Please input one or more search terms which will be AND'ed together. To get an OR use for example "welsh|powell".

First Search Term:
Second Search Term:
Third Search Term:


Search Engine

The search engine is based on an ancient Perl script written by Dr. Joe Culberson in University of Alberta. A record is reported if the patterns match anywhere in the bibTeX record. All matches are done on lower case after non-alphabetic characters in the bibTeX file are eliminated.

Thus, setting the First Search term to "erdos" and the Second to "bollobas" will retrieve a record containing the field
,author= {B. Bollob\'{a}s and P. Erd\"{o}s}
as well as two references in a volume honoring Erdos and edited by Bollobas.

String Definitions

The bibTeX file contains a number of string definitions used throughout. To determine the definition of a string in a bibTeX record, set the output format to bibTeX, then use the string in the First Search Term and the word "string" in the Second. For example, setting the first to "ejor" and the second to "string" results in the output
@string{ejor = {European Journal of Operational Research}}

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