HISO Cluster Documentation

Cluster Name

The name of the cluster (following the "place names in Alberta North of Calgary" tradition) is Heisler (similar to HISO). There is only one of the nodes on our network--heisler (or if you are inside the cluster Heisler-gw is slightly more efficient). Heisler has identical hardware to the computational nodes, but I suggest that it not be used too heavily as it also acts as a relay for all the network traffic into and out of the cluster. The cluster nodes are named: heisler-1, heisler-2, ...heisler-15.

Hardware Description

The cluster consists of 16 nodes (15 computational plus the head node) interconnected with a giga-bit Ethernet. Each node is identical and has the following resources:

Cluster Software Systems Information

Here are a few notes about the software systems configuration on the Heisler computational nodes.


Network Address Translator

Operating System

Cluster Scheduling and Status

Currently there is no scheduler implemented on the cluster. The current scheduling model is one of "be kind to your colleagues":

To facilitate the load balancing and monitoring two sub-systems have been installed:

Where to go for help

If you want an ID on the cluster then ask the HISO administrator (currently Dr. M. Mueller, email=mmueller) to approve the application. If they approve the request then they will send a note to Gordon Atwood and/or Steve Sutphen to add the ID to the cluster password file.

For other problems or requests send a note to "steve" and/or "gordon" (currently Steve is more familiar with the system, but that will be changing over time).

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