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BELIEVE Research Group

Learn more about the BELIEVE research group and our goals.


Best Digital Media Leader

BELIEVE project leader, Duane Szafron, is one of the three GRAND recipients of a 2013 Digital Alberta award. He received the award for 2013 Best Digital Media Leader.

"We provide the non-Computing Science students with an opportunity to learn about scripting in a meaningful way through the use of ScriptEase II.” - Szafron

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2013 Digital Alberta Awards

ScriptEase II

An Example of using ScriptEase II for a basic Pirate Story.

ScriptEase II

Tiered Behaviour Architecture

The Tiered Behaviour Architecture model allows designers to quickly popular background characters with believable daily schedules.

Behaviour Architecture

Character Emotions

The Park Game experiments with how different characters with different emotional states (sad, angry, happy, afraid) behave and react differently to their environment.

Character Emotions

What is BELIEVE?

BELIEVE is a research group focused on studying character and story believability in video games. The research team utilizes a variety of different projects to achieve this goal. The main projects are:

ScriptEase is a program that generates scripts for video games. Instead of programming, users can use ScriptEase's drag-and-drop interface to make their games come to life. Scripts are generated  using plugin translators for different games, allowing ScriptEase II to be adapted to any game engine. Read more.

Character Emotions
Characters are vital to large video game worlds as they bring life to the world. However, background characters are known to rarely exhibit any sign of motivated behaviour or emotional state. We want to change this by assigning these characters emotions that can be identified through their non-verbal behaviour. Read more.

Behaviour Architecture
In recent years, video game artificial intelligence has developed more slowly than other aspects of video games, such as graphics, mainly due to the cost of scripting complex and believable virtual characters. Our research led by Richard Zhao and Duane Szafron develops a behaviour architecture for controlling the behaviours of virtual characters. Read more.

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The BELIEVE research group holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 1:00pm. Please use the contact form for details.