Your 20minute "lay of the land" presentation should address the following points:

1. What is the problem?


2. Why is the problem important?  (ie, why should I care?)

  Ie, if it was solved... 

3. Why isn't this task trivial?

  (Ie, explain why I can't just solve it in my sleep...)
  Here, it may be useful to point to

4. The people (researchers, developers, technicians) who really need to solve this problem: What do they do?

    This should be a quick survey of the TYPES of techniques  
(Part 4 is the "lay of the land" portion; this should be the bulk of the presentation -- say 15 minutes.)

Your final presentation - during the last week of the course -- should quickly summarize 1-4, then spend most of the time giving the actual results.


See here for other comments, about presentations in general: