Renee Elio
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta









Current Graduate Students




Rabih Neouchi

Ph.D. 2001-present. Communication for agent collectives

John Arnold

M.Sc. 2003-present. Computational models of emotion and decision making

Warren Blanchet

M.Sc. 2003-present. Communication models, agent models, and multiagent systems

Darryl Jung

M.Sc. 2004-present.



Former Graduate Students



A. Petrinjak

M.Sc. 2000-2003. A model based approach to agent communication and defining communication error conditions.

After graduation: System Designer/Programmer, Athabasca University

M. A. Upal

Ph.D. 1996-2000. Learning to improve plan quality for partial-order planners.

After graduation: Asst. Prof., Dalhousie Univ./ industry R&D, U.S.A./ Asst. Prof., Univ. of Toledo.

S. Kremer

Ph.D. 1992-1996. A theory of grammatical induction in the connectionist paradigm.

After graduation: Asst. Prof./ Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Guelph

M. Carbonaro

M.Sc. 1993-1995. Biases in decision making: Implicationsfor decision-support systems.

After graduation: Ph.D. program, Education-Univ. Alberta/ Asst Prof./ Assoc Prof., Fac. Education, Univ. Alberta.

W. Mah

M.Sc. 1994-1996. Statistical frameworks for default reasoning.

After graduation: software consultant, Alberta

S. Madan

M.Sc. 1993-1995. Knowledge discovery from databases

After graduation: Ph.D. program, Fac. of Engineering, Univ Alberta.

C. Stafford

M.Sc. 1989-1991. Intelligent circuit design.

After graduation: industry R&D Canada

K. Lin

M.Sc. 1987-1990. Computer models of analytic and non analytic strategies for concept learning.

After graduation: industry R&D (Canada)

P. Leung

M.Sc., 1986-1989. Abstracting and using domain relations to expediate concept learning.

After graduation: industry R&D (Canada)

L. Watanabe

M.Sc. 1985-1987. Guiding constructive induction for incremental concept learning from examples.

After graduation: Ph.D. program, Univ. Illinois / industry R&D Canada

P. Scharf

M.Sc., 1985-1987. A computer model of knowledge organization and strategy shifts in novice-expert problem solving.

After graduation: industry R&D/ MBA (Univ Calgary)/ R&D management Canada

Former PostDocs

M. Taboada

1999-2000. Models of dialogue for human and agent conversation.

After postdoc: industry R&D (Vancouver)/ Asst. Prof., Simon Fraser Univ.

Former Undergraduate Students

M. McIntyre

Summer 2000 project: analysis of XML tagged textbases

A. Singh

Summer 1999 project: Task-based dialogue system for human-agent cooperation. Placement: UofA MSc program; CMU PhD program

G. Lui

1995-96 RA: Knowledge effects in belief revision. Placement: UMichigan PhD program (Psychology)

K. Brownlee

1996-97 RA: belief revision networks. Placement: Systems Analyst, Stream-Flo, Edmonton, AB

S. Hoffman

1992-93 Graduate RA:model and syntactic representations of belief sets

S. Neary

1993-94 RA: non-monotonic reasoning.Placement: CMU PhD program (Psychology)

M. Johnston

1995-95 RA: belief revision and minimal change.Placement: Univ Nevada PhD program (Psychology)

N. Kali

Summer project: expermimental lab software installation and development. Placement: Software developer/consultant, Alberta

C. Cruden

Summer 1993 NSERC: Connectionist models of implicit learning. Placement: UofAlberta MSc program