Renee Elio
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta








CMPUT 101  Introduction to Computing




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A breadth-first introductory treatment of science and engineering concepts in computing science, including number representation, machine architecture, and operating systems: algorithms, their properties, and the control constructs of sequence, selection and repetition: notions of data type and operations on data types in low-level and high-level programming languages



CMPUT 652  Agent Architectures and Communication



Fall 2002

Winter 2001

A graduate seminar concerned with a range of basic issues surrounding the theory and development of software agents, with particular emphasis on architectures and high-level agent communication languages for building cooperative problem-solving agents.





CMPUT 366 Intelligent Systems




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Elio Section Fall 1999

Introduction to artificial intelligence focusing on techniques for building intelligent software systems and agents. Topics include search and problem-solving techniques, knowledge representation and reasoning, reasoning and acting under uncertainty, machine learning and neural networks. Recent applications such as planning and scheduling, diagnosis, decision support systems, and data mining.