Call For Participation

From July 22-26, at the Twenty-Second National Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Vancouver, BC, there will be the Second AAAI Computer Poker Competition. The game will be heads-up Texas Hold-Em, both limit and no-limit. In order to encourage participation, attendance is appreciated but not required, there will be no registration fee, and no prize but victory.

This is an open invitation to those who would like to participate in the 2007 AAAI Computer Poker Competition. We will have heads-up limit and no-limit tournaments this year, and barring a significant increase in participation from last year, the format will be round-robin.


The objective of this competition is to benefit artificial intelligence by promoting, aiding, and evaluating research in computer poker.


E-Mail of Interest(due by 11:59 PM MST, May 1st)

Submit an e-mail to me expressing interest. This needs to include:

  • Name
  • University/Business Affiliation
  • Limit or No-Limit Interest

Final Bot (due 11:59 PM MST, June 15th) (MST is GMT-6)

for current MST time go to: Current MST Time

Submit an e-mail to me with a tar.gz, tar, jar, or zip file containing:

  • A startme.bat file (for Windows) or a file (for Linux).
  • A README.txt file containing:
    • Team Name
    • University/Business Affiliation
    • Team Leader names and e-mails
    • Team Members names and e-mails
    • Location (City,Province/State,Country)
    • One/Two Paragraph Summary of Technique
    • References to relevant papers, if any

By submitting a bot, competitors agree to have their bots available in a benchmark server. Their code will not be given to anyone but myself or members of the University of Alberta outside the poker group without the permission of the authors.


This is the tenative schedule of how the competition will run.
  • Dec 31st, 2006-server code completed, rules finished, protocols finalized
  • May 1st, 2007-deadline for expression of interest: all external software (such as CPLEX) needed should be specified before here as well.
  • June 1st-15th, 2007-the teams have access to the servers the competition is run on
  • June 15th, 2007, 11:59 PM MST - the bots must be submitted-no further changes are allowed (Note: by error this was 5 PM MST, rest assured the deadline is 11:59 PM MST GMT-6)
  • July 13th, 2007-the preliminary results are announced
  • July 19th, 2007-the results become final and are announced at AAAI.