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Any concerns or bugs in the code should be posted on the bulletin boards. This code is now deprecated. The most recent version published was:

This package contains a pdf file for the protocol, the server (which is still partially in development, see BUGS.txt), a stand-alone server for one match, and two folders containing example bots; one has an example modified poker academy bot and the other has a RandomPokerClient bot. These two folders under trunk/examples demonstrate what must be submitted to the competition.

The server for this competition will be run on Windows machines on freeware Java code. The TCP/IP-based standard was designed to be as simple as we could make it. We hope this makes it easier for people to write bots in other languages.

We emphasize that people test their code, by making sure their clients can connect to the server provided. How this testing can be done is describe in examples/README.txt.

Competitors are reminded that this is a competition about artificial intelligence in poker, and any attempt to manipulate the outcome by abusing TCP/IP (by trying to packet sniff, communicate with other bots, connect to the internet, or use denial of service attacks) may result in disqualification.