Introduction to PBSWeb

PBSWeb was designed as an aid to the Portable Batch System (PBS) job scheduler. PBS is responsible for scheduling jobs on high-performance (often massively parallel) machines so as to ensure fair access to resources. However, many users find PBS hard to use. PBS requires users to write scripts containing complex directives and options, and so many potential users avoid using PBS and the machine upon which it is installed. PBSWeb simplifies the task of creating these scripts by allowing the user to specify these directives and options through the use of HTML forms.

PBSWeb is designed to do the following:

PBSWeb is still in the development stages, and therefore will require modifications in order to run on a system other than what we have at the University of Alberta. In addition, with sufficient modifications, PBSWeb will work with a batch scheduler other than PBS.

Download Version 0.9 (BUTF Release) of PBSWeb
View the README file included in the BUTF
Download the RPM of Version 0.9 (packaged by a third party)

Last updated on July 8, 2003.