HCI2016 (Winter 2016)
Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

Lecture time and location: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11h00-11h50, V 102
Instructor: Pierre Boulanger Office: ATH 411, Email: pierreb@ualberta.ca;


Course Handout

Jan. 6-8

Lecture Notes: Introduction and Overview
Lecture Notes: History of HCI

Youtube Video

Jan. 11,13,15

Lecture Notes: Theory of HCI Design


Watch ABC News Nightline IDEO Deep Dive, July 1999 (22 minutes)

Bonus video: ABC News, IDEO Design Thinking, January 2013 (60 minutes)


Jan. 18,20,22

Lecture Notes: Theory of HCI Design

Lecture Notes: Project Management and Team Work

Tips for Working Successfully in a Group by Randy Pausch

The Discipline of Teams, by Katzenbach and Smith, Harvard Business Review

Watch the following videos at home:

Keys to Creating Awesome Teams(5:21), Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick

Working in Teams (0:56), Tina Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Team Composition (2:33), Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Ways to Create Ecosystems (really characteristics of group intelligence, performance, & innovation) (5:43), Sharon Vosmek, Astia

Ways of Working (5:50), Sue Siegel, GE


 Assignment 1 (due Jan. 29)

Project Design (due Feb.12)



Jan. 25,27,29

Monday and Wednesday brain storming sessions

Friday: System Engineering

Feb. 1,3,5

Lecture Notes: Evaluation
Lecture Notes: Statistics

Assignment 2 (due Feb. 12)

Feb. 8,10,12

Lecture Notes: Vision

Lecture Notes: Visual Interaction

Feb. 15,17, 19

Winter Reading Week

Feb. 22,24,26

Lecture Notes: Auditory Interaction

Feb. 29 - Mar. 2,4

Lecture Notes: Haptic Perception
Lecture Notes: Haptic Interaction

Mar. 7,9,11

Lecture Notes: Augmented Reality

Lecture Notes: Virtual Reality

Half Way Prototype Next Week.

Mar. 14,16,18

Lecture Notes: Tangible Interfaces
Lecture Notes: Affective Computing

Mar. 21,23,25

Lecture Notes: Brain-Computer Interfaces
Lecture Notes: HCI Standards

No class Friday

Mar. 28, 30

No class Monday

Lecture Notes: Future of HCI


April 1 Meeting with TAs

Week of April 4-8 no class to allow students to finish project

Week of Apr. 11

Final Presentations and Demos by all teams

Project Final Report Due Apr. 15

Final Exam on April 19 at 9h00 in V 102

Created by Pierre Boulanger<pierreb@ualberta.ca>