Welcome to the Networks Research Group

Department of Computing Science

The Networks Research Group has a lab within the Computing Science Centre.

The Networks Research Group has a lab within the Computing Science Centre (CSC 311). Our research focuses on data communication within both wired and wireless environments. We explore many aspects of networking that include (a) the analysis and improvement of existing networks, (b) the development of new high-performance protocols, prototype systems, and emulators, and (c) the design of network architectures. As wireless technologies become more pervasive, ad hoc and wireless sensor networks frequently provide context for our research.

We use a variety of techniques in our exploration of networks. Our primary research tool is simulation that is fine-grained, event-driven, sometimes parallel and distributed. A locally developed simulation package (SMURPH) has been used extensively in our studies while other custom-made time-parallel simulations are also used. In addition to simulations, we make use of analytical techniques which often result in linear algebra problems of significant magnitude and complexity. In recent years, we have expanded our research activities towards prototyping proof-of-concept systems and we now have a collection of wireless sensor nodes that we have deployed in various environments. One such environment is the Smart Condo that serves as a testbed for some of our experimental research involving deployed hardware.