Farzaneh Mirzazadeh, PhD in Machine Learning

Welcome to my homepage! I am curently working at MIT IBM Watson AI Lab, IBM Research, AI Foundations. I received my PhD under the supervision of Professor Dale Schuurmans and Professor Russell Greiner at the Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, Canada. My research focuses on the beautiful field of machine learning. I have also experienced teaching machine learning as the instructor at department of computer science of UCSC.

Research keywords: 
Machine learning, Optimization, Convex Modelling, Non-convex global optimization, Infrence-free structured output prediction, Co-embedding, Joint embedding, Constrained co-embedding, Metric learning, Bilinear models, Matrix and Tensor completion, Association learning, Link prediction, Relation learning, Multilable prediction, Multi modal representation learning,
Logic Embedding, Hierarchy embedding

Please refer to my
PhD Dissertation for a cohessive, clear and patiently described trajectory of my PhD research. It is designed to be easy to read.


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Email: mirzazad at ualberta dot ca