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Ross Sheppard Composite High School


Welcome to the Ross Sheppard Class of '75 home page. This page is intended for alumni from our graduation year to renew old friendships, make new friendships and to keep in touch with each other. These pages will change from time to time as more photos (hint, hint) and features are added. Stay tuned.


A school reunion was held on Saturday September 27, 2008. The afternoon consisted of an open house and the reunion itself was held at the Northlands Agricom in the evening. Approximately 400 former Ross Shep alumni attended. The Class of 1975 presented the school with a framed picture of our rendition of the Thunderbird for display in their Alumni room.

* The Open House * The Reunion


And that was a great reason to have a reunion - held on October 6, 2007 at Bo'diddly's Roadhouse! Although we may be 50, we know how to use our digital cameras and, more importantly, how to party. Many of the photos of this event are organized by the junior high school attended.

* The Reunion * Laurier Heights * Parkview * Sherbrooke
* Westminster * Westmount

Ok, I admit it - I am terrible with remembering faces, especially after 32 years. Thus, I'm sure there are mistakes in the photographs above. My apologies in advance. Please mail all corrections to

As part of an effort to encourage alumni to mix and mingle, every one was asked, as they arrived, to supply a personal accomplishment they achieved over the past 32 years. Later these cards were randomly distributed and alumni had to find the owner of the accomplishment. Here is the list of submitted accomplishments. Can you decide who did what?

Let's move back in time...

On October 7 and 8, 2000 we held our 25th year reunion at the Ellerslie Rugby Club. Again, where possible, the photographs of the event are organized by the junior high school attended.

* The Reunion * Pictures of Shep * Crestwood * Laurier Heights
* Parkview * Sherbrooke * Talmud Torah * Wellington
* Westminster * Westmount * Westmount 30th * Other

Moving back further...

I recall a 10th year reunion that was held in October of 1985. I believe it was held at the Edmonton Inn and consisted of a Wine and Cheese get-together on Friday and a dinner/dance on Saturday. Does anyone have any photos of this event?

Keeping in touch...

The reunion committee consists of the following:

Chris Alloway
  Bambi Delbarre
  Rob Lake
  Darcey-Lynn Petruk
Brenda Crooks
  Leslie Ellis
  Dave McKay
  Diane Stockwell

The Ross Sheppard Composite High School web site has a database for its alumni.

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A facebook group has been set up for our graduating class. Have a look at Ross Shep Class of '75 - 50th Birthday Bash.

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