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"When will NTN playmakers be shaped like pyramids?" :-)

(39 K wav) My handle is QBERT and I used to play NTN trivia on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Inglewood Pub here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Now we are roaming about, but we are most likely going to make Rosario's our home base for the next while. We are also in the process of rebuilding the team. In the past year we have lost more than 75% of the people who used to be on our team. There will be no weekly updates in the immediate future (not that there has been any lately) while we rebuild.

Inglewood Team - the 1999 Canadian Showdown Champions
the 2000 Mission to a Million Winners!

Here are the NTN addicts who form our team:

CHICO - Rita Thompson
A retired registered nurse, she assists us with the medical questions and questions in many other areas. Although she is an avid bridge player, her real expertise must be poker because she is always forming hands from her score. One of these days she will get the royal flush and our team will win everything.

DRAFT - Rod Glenn

H HOG - Mike Allen
Despite his full-time NTN profession, he is known to moonlight on the side working full-time at a youth treatment centre. With over 14 million players plus points, there probably isn't an NTN question he hasn't seen and every game must seem like a repeat. However, he is very knowledgeable and strong in all areas.

HILO - Gerry Thompson
The other half of CHICO, he is an avid bridge player and also looks for poker hands in his scores. We are not sure if his handle refers to poker games he has played or a city in Hawaii. But we have learned his handle frequently describes what happens to our team scores from game to game.

QBERT - Rob Lake
A computing science research analyst at the University of Alberta, he is our team's general manager and can be counted on to answer all the astronomy questions. He also builds the odd web page from time to time. His alternate handle be SHEEIT, which be real appropriate fo' de games we screw up. Sheeit.

WYVERN - Andrew Thompson
Reincarnation must exist because it is mathematically impossible for someone his age to have read every book in the world. Whenever a literature question appears, we sit back, relax, and look his way. But he is strong in just about every other category too since he was a member of his high school team in Reach for the Top.

YDNEW - Wendy Sigouin

The names above may access information for team members only.

Our team has several mascots to bring us luck. During the winter months, ICEBERT sits beside the NTN monitor and watches over us while we play Showdown. Isn't he cute? We also have a mascot (LITTLE QBERT) for the summer months. Here is a photo of LITTLE QBERT accepting his oscar for best supporting mascot during the NTN Academy Awards game.

I currently have a growing photo album. It includes photographs from my visit to NickelodeinN in 1997, my visit to Florida in 1998, my visit to the National in West Covina in 1999, the 1999 Canadian Showdown Tournament, a photograph taken for an article about us in a local newsmagazine, a team photograph of us wearing our Mission to a Million shirts, and my visit to Shannon's in 2001.

Results for 2002:
As I mentioned above, our team is currently rebuilding. Because our scores suck, there is no point reporting anything. Also, I just haven't had much time or desire to update these pages during the past year.

Do you want to see what the weather is like in Edmonton at this time of year? Have a look at the (almost) live camera shot from my office window. This picture is updated every minute. So is the thermometer. You can also download some movies and look at some remote windows.

We have a number of quotes. Here are a few:

"When in doubt, select the longest answer."

"When in doubt, select the shortest answer."

"When in doubt, go three, especially if it is the longest answer."

"Check your machines."


"We don't need no stinkin' computers!"

"If somebody's heart stops, throw them on the floor, then grab their machine and keep playing."

"Never use your handle for the first few days of the month... that way people will never see how poorly you did."

"We're doing fine - I'm in the lead."

"If I'm wrong I will eat my playmaker."

Why QBERT? I used to play that game a lot and became very good at it. It was one of the best and most imaginative video games available in an arcade around 1984. In one of the last games I played with a friend, we scored 3,000,000 points and had 29 Q*Berts in reserve before we finally killed the game after 9 hours of play (the arcade was closing for the night!). No sound could rival Q*Bert jumping off the pyramid (which happened to me frequently while I was learning how to play the game!). Besides, Q*Bert has many of the same letters as my name. Unfortunately, Q*Bert machines are very difficult to find these days. But if you do find one I encourage you to play it - beware, however - you may get hooked like I did!

Are you an NTN player planning to visit Edmonton? You are welcome to join us. Please let me know when you are coming and I'll tell you where we may be found. Even if you aren't coming to Edmonton, please take a moment to either sign or view my NTN guest book.

Here are locations offering NTN in Edmonton and a detailed map of Edmonton to help you find them. This list is courtesy of Jac Zylstra, the NTN Area Manager for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. The middle number indicates the number of playmakers available at that location.

1.   Basement Pub 30    109 St. and 82 Ave. (building torn down!)
2.   Borderline Pub 10    82 St. and 32 Ave.
3.   Boston Pizza 10    170 St. and 90 Ave.
4.   Boston Pizza 15    97 St. and 165 Ave.
5.   Bo'diddly's #4 40    50 St. and 137 Ave.
6.   Bo'diddly's #7 50    Millwoods Town Centre
7.   Brewsters 20    116 St. and 104 Ave.
8.   Brewsters 20    158 St. and 87 Ave.
9.   Clareview Pub 20    550 Clareview Road
10.   Crown & Anchor 20    Castledowns Road and 153 Ave.
11.   Fargos 20    58 St. and Terrace Rd.
12.   Fargos 30    103 St. and 82 Ave.
13.   Finnigan's 25    Fort Road and 136 Ave.
14.   Gateway Lanes 40    103 St. and 34 Ave.
15.   Horseshu Lounge 10    58 St. and 136 Ave.
16.   Inglewood Pub 20    124 St. and 118 Ave.
17.   Highrun Club 20    50 St. and 101 Ave.
18.   Jox 30    97 St. and 153 Ave.
19.   KingsKnight Pub 20    92 St. and 34 Ave.
20.   Le Chateau 22    117 St. and Kingsway Ave.
21.   Metro 25    106 St. and 103 Ave.
22.   Moose Factory 15    103 St. and 48 Ave.
23.   Nicholby's 20    156 St. and 111 Ave.
24.   Overtime 10    111 St. and 103 Ave.
25.   Pig n Wistle 15    99 St. and 82 Ave.
26.   Ray's Restaurant 20    152 St. and 111 Ave.
27.   Rosario's 20    117 St. and 108 Ave.
28.   Sawmill Downtown 15    116 St. and 104 Ave.
29.   Sawmill South 10    103 St. and 47 Ave.
30.   Sawmill West 20    170 St. and 95 Ave.
31.   Schank's 50    178 St. and 99 Ave.
32.   Suzy Cue's 20    65 St. and 28 Ave.
33.   Trav's Silver Bullet 10    97 St. and 47 Ave.

and near Edmonton:

1.   Norsemen Inn 15    Camrose
2.   Ave. Billiards & Grill 10    Leduc
3.    Wayne's Billiard's 20    Sherwood Park
4.    Boston Pizza 20    St. Albert
5.   Warehouse Billiards 10    Stony Plain
6.    Boston Pizza 10    Wetaskiwin

Those who want to get to know other NTN players should join the BadBart discussion group. Send an empty email message to badbart-subscribe@egroups.com. You can view BadBart postings and see a list of BadBart subscribers. There is also a separate (moderated) discussion group dedicated to Showdown.

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