QBERT's NTN Photo Album

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On Friday December 18, 1998, our team met at the Crown & Anchor to play Spotlight and to enjoy some Christmas festivities.

This photograph shows the team in action. Counterclockwise from left to right: MONTE (who was our "Mrs." Santa Claus that night), QBERT, H HOG, SPHINX, GARYD, LMF, and DOOGIE.

A name which frequently appears on our boards (and on boards throughout North America) is H HOG. Here his name is displayed on the big screen at the conclusion of a Retroactive game. MONTE (who is smiling at the camera) then delivered Santa's gifts to the team members.

Here we see BILBO, DOOGIE and LMF. Since DOOGIE is our coach and disciplinarian, Santa gave him a set of red and yellow cards so he can now officially card us when we misbehave. We won't say what LMF received until this page is screened by NetNanny.

H HOG received a small furry hedgehog toy while QBERT was given a plastic golf ball attached to a plastic stake so he can practice his golf swing. He may become a full-time NTN player if he starts hacking on the golf course this summer.

Often at the end of a strenuous NTN game it is good to relax by leaning on another person's shoulder, as TAFF does with SETI.

Our general manager, GARYD, frequently complains that he gets no respect from the team. That night Santa game him some with the #1 badge he is shown proudly wearing. We're still not sure if he commands enough respect from the rest of us but we do know his admirers include LMF and SPHINX.

Here we have KRYTON (our sports expert) with his wife. He is getting better with lacrosse questions - at least he can now tell us the number of players per side. KRYTON's wife works as a legal assistant and we occasionally call upon her expertise whenever we need to draft rules of conduct for our team.

This photo shows CONAN (equipped with his sword), a Crown & Anchor player, and TAFF. We now have a new form of punishment for misbehaving team members.

On the left is the husband and wife team of CONAN and T KID. The gifts delivered by Mrs. Santa Claus were appreciated by all and we look forward next year to having Santa Claus himself deliver the gifts to the team.

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March 26, 1999