QBERT's NTN Photo Album

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When I travel abroad, I like to find places that have NTN and meet people I have seen either on the NTN boards or corresponded with on the BadBart discussion board.

On February 27, 2001 I played Showdown at Shannon's in Long Beach, California. I was in Long Beach that week attending the IBM Share Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center, located about 5 miles away. Also in attendance at the conference was COOGS from Catbirds in Houston. After a long day at the conference, it was very relaxing to get together with him for a few drinks and play some games in the evening.

Shannon's is a small pub which provides no restaurant service. However, Italian restaurants are located on each side and both offer take-out service. We ranked 7th overall that night in Showdown with a score of 60,473. From left to right: R MAC, GASBAG, SIRIUS, MR ALE, QBERT and COOGS (on the phone with his girlfriend AARDVK in Houston). MR ALE was a superb host and we spent many hours chatting both nights I played there.

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April 10, 2001