QBERT's NTN Photo Album

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We have a high dress standard when we play NTN trivia. Nothing less than formal evening wear for women and tuxedos for men will suffice when you play with us.

Actually, these photographs were taken during the Academy Awards game on March 24, 1997. We played that night at Bo'diddly's #4 in northeast Edmonton. It was an ideal venue because they had two very large screens. One displayed NTN and the other the awards ceremony.

None of us could get over how splendid MYCRFT appeared in his tuxedo. He claims to have bought it in 1981, but we are not sure. Perhaps he may be found somewhere in Saturday Night Fever. We couldn't resist getting a picture of it. GRUMPY helped us get it.

Of course, MYCRFT wasn't the only one dressed in a tuxedo. Here we see QBERT in his. He claims to have bought it in 1985. While you won't see him in Saturday Night Fever, he has been spending the past year learning the hustle. Perhaps he may appear in the sequel... Once again it was GRUMPY's job to get a picture of the tuxedo. Why do we get the impression she enjoyed her assignment?

Here we see a picture of MYCRFT with his better half, BLUE, a registered psychiatric nurse. Whereas MYCRFT maintains they are married, we suspect she is really MYCRFT's full-time live in psychiatric therapist. Opinions are mixed as to the efficasy of this treatment. Although she maintains her strengths are modest, her frequent appearances on our top 10 boards are a tribute to her intuitive gifts.
If you ever come visit us, you will find we are a jovial group. However, we may not always dress up like this!

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March 29, 1998