Ehsan Kamalloo

4-30 Athabasca Hall · University of Alberta ·

I am a PhD candidate at University of Alberta, Department of Computing Science, supervised by Davood Rafiei, mainly working on the intersection of natural language processing and information retrieval. Before starting my PhD, I was working in industry for five years as software engineer in a number of enterprise projects.

My CV can be found here [Last update: 03/23/2019].

Research Interests

My primary focus is on how to build scalable systems that are capable of performing semantic textual matching between queries and documents. I am also interested in robust dialogue systems that can coherently chat with humans. More specifically, I study generative models aimed at generating engaging responses given the messages uttered by humans. I also work on how dialogue systems can be automatically evaluated.

  • Semantic text matching
  • Scalable querying over massive natural language corpora
  • Neural dialogue systems
  • Generative models for natural language



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