Presentations and Posters at SARA'2002 and links to on-line slides

Model Checking and Abstraction

Bob Kurshan

Reformulation in Planning

Derek Long

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Spatiotemporal Abstraction of Stochastic Sequential Processes

Sridhar Mahadevan

Dynamic Bundling: Less Effort for More Solutions

Berthe Y. Choueiry and Amy M. Davis

Pareto Optimization of Temporal Decisions

Lina Khatib, Paul Morris, Robert Morris

On the Reformulation of Vehicle Routing Problems and Scheduling Problems

Christopher Beck, Patrick Prosser and Evgeny Selensky

An Algebraic Framework for Abstract Model Checking

Supratik Mukhopadhyay and Andreas Podelski

Formalizing Approximate Objects and Theories: Some Initial Results

Aarati Parmar

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Approximation of relations by propositional formulas: complexity and semantics

Bruno Zanuttini

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A Tractable Query Cache by Approximation

Dan Miranker, Malcolm Taylor, Anand Padmanaban

Ontology-Driven Induction of Decision Trees at Multiple Levels of Abstraction

Jun Zhang and Vasant Honavar

PAC Meditation on boolean formulas

Bruno Apolloni

Abstracting Visual Percepts to Learn Concepts

Jean-Daniel Zucker, N. Bredeche, L. Saitta

Symbolic heuristic search using decision diagrams

Eric Hansen, Rong Zhou and Zhengzhu Feng

Admissible Moves in Two-player Games

Tristan Cazenave

Action Timing Discretization with Iterative-Refinement

Todd Neller

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Model Minimization in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

B. Ravindran and Andrew G. Barto

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Learning options in reinforcement learning

Martin Stolle and Doina Precup

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TTree: Tree-Based Sate Generalization with Temporally Abstract Actions

William T. B. Uther and Manuela M. Veloso

Performance of Lookahead Control Policies in the face of Abstraction and Approximation

Ilya Levner, V. Bulitko, O. Madani, R. Greiner

On the construction of human-automation interfaces by formal abstraction"

M. Heymann and Asaf Degani

An Information-Theoretic Characterization of Abstraction in Diagnosis and Hypothesis Selection

T. K. Satish Kumar

Approximation techniques for non-linear problems with continuum of solutions

Xuan-Ha Vu, Djamila Sam-Haroud and Marius Silaghi

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The Oracular Constraints Method

T. K. Satish Kumar, Richard Dearden

Abstraction and Planning in Sokoban

Adi Botea, Martin Mueller, Jonathan Schaeffer

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Autonomous Discovery of Temporal Abstractions from Interaction with an Environment

Amy McGovern

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Interface verification: Abstractions of hybrid systems and human-automation interaction

Meeko Oishi

Heuristic search in bounded-depth trees: best-leaf-first search

Wheeler Ruml

Abstracting Imperfect Information Game Trees

Darse Billings

The Interface between P and NP

Toby Walsh

CGRASS: a system for reformulating constraint programs

Toby Walsh

Abstraction, Approximation, and Reformulation for Explicit State Software Model Chekcing

Michael Lowry

Heuristic Search-Based Replanning

Sven Koenig, D. Furcy and Colin Bauer

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Constraint Modeling and Reformulation in the Context of Academic Task Assignment

Robert Glaubius and Berthe Y. Choueiry

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Approximation Techniques in Multiagent Learning

Michael Bowling

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