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This is the official on-line repository for the code from the Graphics Gems series of books (from Academic Press). This series focusses on short to medium length pieces of code which perform a wide variety of computer graphics related tasks. All code here can be used without restrictions. The code distributions here contain all known bug fixes and enhancements. We also provide errata listings for the text of each book. Please report any new errata or bugs to Eric Haines.

The gems can be viewed by category, by book, or by author. Gems code can be accessed in a variety of ways: by viewing the code directly from these pages or by downloading the whole website or a book's entire code base.

Graphics Gems Series Table of Contents
Entire Gems Website PDF version (5 Meg) tar file (1.5 Meg) zip file (1.1 Meg)
Graphics Gems Errata listing tar file zip file
Graphics Gems II Errata listing tar file zip file
Graphics Gems III Errata listing tar file zip file
Graphics Gems IV Errata listing tar file zip file
Graphics Gems V Errata listing tar file zip file
Gems V image samples tar file zip file

Thanks to Guillermo Gallo for the PDF containing all Gems documents.

Here is publication information and Amazon links for the books themselves:

Note: the first three books in the series can be bought as a package directly from Morgan Kaufmann for considerably less money.

The ISBN numbers listed are for the books with IBM PC disks included, with Mac versions in parentheses. The archives at this site are newer than those in the books, as the include the most up-to-date code with all known bug fixes.

Related Resources: The Graphics Gems series has been ended by the founding editor, Andrew Glassner. To allow continued presentation of new results, he started the journal of graphics tools, a quarterly which includes Gems-like material. Their web site includes related code for a number of basic graphics operations (e.g. triangle-triangle intersection, gamma-corrected antialiased lines, Hammersley and Halton sampling, etc.).

An excellent place for solid code for all sorts of basic graphics algorithms is Dave Eberly's Magic Software site.

Another useful site is the 3D Object Intersection page. Gems and other articles about various intersection algorithms are shown here.

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