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> Previous Computing Science Computer Graphics Alumni (other people at the end)

Name Degree Title Supervisor Notes
Oscar Meruvia 1999 M.Sc. Level of Detail Selection and Interactivity B.Watson Abstract
Sousa, Mario Costa 1999 Ph.D. Computer-Generated Graphite Pencil Materials and Rendering J. Buchanan Abstract
Brodsky, Dima 1999 M.Sc. R-Simp: Model Simplification in Reverse, A Vector Quantization Approach B.Watson Abstract
Verevka, Oleg 1999 Ph.D. Texture Control in Digital Halftoning J. Buchanan Abstract
Samson, Jean-Paul 1999 M.Sc. Augmenting Animated Quadrupedal Gaits Via Motion Warping J. Buchanan Abstract
Liu, Yanping 1999 M.Sc. MR Objects: An Object Oriented Framework for Virtual Reality Applications M. Green Abstract
Diaz-Goano, Carolina 1999 M.Sc. Analysis of surface curvature for polygonal models B. Watson Abstract
Kwan, Ling Lai 1998 M.Sc. Visualization of ATM Network Data M. Green Abstract
Streit, Lisa M. 1998 M.Sc. Importance Driven Halftoning J.Buchanan Abstract
Shaw, Christopher C. 1997 Ph.D. Two-Handed 3D User Interfaces M. Green Abstract
Luo, Feng 1995 M.Sc. Visualization of ATM Network Traffic M. Green Abstract
Verevka, Oleg 1995 M.Sc. The Local K-means Algorithms for Color Image Quantization J. Buchanan Abstract
Liang, Jian-Dong 1995 Ph.D. Interaction Techniques for Solid Modelling with a 3D Input Device M. Green Abstract
Sun, Yunqi 1995 Ph.D. A Hierarchical Model for Virtual Environments M. Green Abstract
Gottstein, Annette B. 1994 M.Sc. Uses of Bounding Boxes in the Object Modeling Language M. Green Abstract
Wang, Qunjie 1994 M.Sc. Networked Virtual Reality M. Green Abstract
Wang, Haiying 1994 Ph.D. An Application-Oriented User Interface Model and Development System M. Green Abstract
Tang, Qinlin 1992 M.Sc. Environment Editor M. Green Abstract
Singh, Ajit 1992 Ph.D. Template-Based Approach to Structuring Distributed Algorithms Using a Network of Workstations J. Schaeffer, M. Green Abstract
Lawrynuik, Donald 1991 Ph.D. An Automatable Specification Directed Software Testing Method M. Green, L.J. White Abstract
Lake, Robert M. 1990 M.Sc. Dynamic Motion Control of an Articulated Figure M. Green Abstract
Singh, Gurminder 1989 Ph.D. Automating the Lexical and Syntactic Design of Graphical User Interfaces M. Green Abstract
Shaw, Christopher D. 1988 M.Sc. The Image Composition Architecture: A Highly Parallel Graphics System
Singh, Gurminder 1985 M.Sc. Presentation Component for the U. of A. UIMS

NOTE: University of Alberta Dissertations and Thesis Database (29.50+taxes for complete copy)
A few other thesis that you may find interesting.
Filtering Volumetric Data. Buchanan, John William, PhD. The University of
British Columbia, 1994. 192 pp. Advisor: Fournier, Alain
The Design of Graphical User Interfaces. Green, Mark William, PhD. University of Toronto,

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