Pathfinding in Computer Games


Nathan Sturtevant
Renee Jansen
Michael Buro
Rob Holte
Jonathan Schaeffer
Markus Enzenberger
Vadim Bulitko
Shanny Lu
Russ Greiner

Former Members

Mitja Lustrek
Sverrir Sigmundarson
Timothy Yau
Alejandro Isaza
Chris Rayner
Csaba Szepesvari
Ken Anderson
Kate Davison
Greg Lee
Alborz Geramifard
Pirooz Chubak
Douglas Deymon
Adi Botea
Peter Yap
Yngvi Björnsson


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HOG is a pathfinding testbed with OpenGL visualization.

Pathfinding library

The pathfinding library is a testbed for running experiments with pathfinding algorithms with emphasis on environments found in computer games.


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HPA* is a software package for hierarchical path-finding. The model behind HPA* is described and evaluated in the paper "Near Optimal Hierarchical Path-Finding" listed above.
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