GtpEngine is the C++ implementation of the Go Text Protocol used in the Explorer Go program. It is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Note: Newer versions of GtpEngine are included in the open source project Fuego.

gtpengine-1.6.tar.gz 14 May 2008
gtpengine-1.5.tar.gz 22 September 2007
gtpengine-1.4.tar.gz 7 March 2007
gtpengine-1.3.tar.gz 5 March 2007
gtpengine-1.2.tar.gz 13 January 2007
gtpengine-1.1.tar.gz 8 January 2007
gtpengine-1.0.tar.gz 6 January 2007


AmiGoGtp is a modified version of the AmiGo program using the Go Text Protocol. AmiGo was one of the earliest Go programs that were publicly available with source code (and a very weak Go program). The code is also an example how to use GtpEngine for providing a Go Text Protocol interface to an existing Go engine.

Note: There is now a project page for AmiGoGtp with downloads, access to the version control and bug tracker at