APHID Parallel Game-Tree Search Library

Picture of real aphids.

APHID is an acronym for Asycnhronous Parallel Hierarchical Iterative Deepening. The APHID game-tree search algorithm attempts to accomplish many goals: Synchronous game-tree search methods have been employed throughout the literature. A synchronous algorithm is one where all processors must synchronize at a node within the tree before proceeding. For example, Young Brothers Wait synchronizes at every PV node. However, APHID is an asynchronous algorithm; it does not synchronize at the root of the game tree.

The library is written in C, using PVM as the underlying communication manager, and is available for beta-testers here. Included at the FTP site is a version of Crafty that was used for my thesis experiments. Please e-mail if you have any further questions.

The algorithm has been tested in many applications, including:


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April 18, 1998