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Nouha Dziri

Ph.D. Student at University of Alberta

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Short Bio

I'm a postdoctoral young investigator at Allen Institute for AI working with Yejin Choi and the Mosaic team. Prior to this, I did a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Alberta/Amii under the supervision of Osmar Zaiane . My work focuses on developing data-driven approaches for computational natural language understanding, primarily in the context of enabling machines to converse with humans in natural language. My main goals consist in innovating models and creating resources that encourage acquiring trustworthy linguistic abilities as efficiently as humans.

I was fortunate enough to intern with brilliant researchers in this field. I have worked with Siva Reddy and Edoardo M. Ponti at Mila/McGill, with Hannah Rashkin, Tal Linzen, David Reitter, Diyi Yang, Eva Schlinger and Tom Kwiatkowski at Google Research NYC and with Alessandro Sordoni, Hannes Schulz, Shikhar Sharma and Goeff Gordon at Microsoft Research Montreal.