Supervised Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Portrait Soroush OmidvarTehrani , Tentative topic: Data integration
Portrait Mir Tafseer Nayeem , Tentative topic: Human-centric modeling of content
Portrait Arash Dargahi , Tentative topic: Joinability of tabular data under transformations

Current M.Sc. Students

Portrait Mohammadreza Pourreza, Topic: Text to SQL
Portrait Md. Mahadi Hasan Nahid, Topic: Data to Text
Portrait Behrad Khorram (co-supervised with M. Nascimento), Topic: Annotating numeric data in tables
Portrait Amir Babamahmoudi (co-supervised with M. Nascimento), Topic: Annotating tabular data using large language models
Portrait Mohammadreza Samadi, Topic: Performance prediction for multi-hop questions
Portrait Ali Naeimabadi, Topic: Product entity matching via tabular data
Portrait Hamed Mirzaei, Topic: Table search with preferences
Portrait Mostafa Yadegari, Topic: Detecting Word Transfer in Open Domain Question Answering

Current Undergrad Students


Former Students

Portrait Mehdi Akbarian, M.Sc. 2022: Probing the robustness of pre-trained language models for structured and unstructured entity matching
First Employment: Aimsio
Portrait Shahrzad Sayehban (co-supervised with L. Mou), M.Sc. 2022: Unsupervised syntax-based editing probabilistic sentence generation
First Employment: Amii
Portrait Ehsan Kamalloo , PhD 2022: Robust knowledge acquisition in answering information-seeking questions at scale
First Employment: Postdoc at the University of Waterloo
Portrait Maithrreye Srinivasan, M.Sc. 2021: Location-aware named entity disambiguation
First Employment: Amii
Portrait Harrison Fah, Undergrad summer student, 2021: A dashboard for table search and integration
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Jeanne Coleongco, Undergrad summer student, 2021: A benchmark for document relation extraction
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Jacob Deinum, Undergrad summer student, 2021: Data collection and maintenance from open data sources
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Arif Hasnat, M.Sc. 2021: Interactive set discovery
First Employment: Pleasant Solutions
Portrait Yuchen (Michael) Su, M.Sc. 2021: Annotating numeric columns in web tables
First Employment: Huawei
Portrait Zharkyn Kassenov (co-supervised with J. Sander), M.Sc. 2020: Table expansion: Populating relational web tables based on examples
First Employment: Process Street
Portrait Michelle Aubin, Undergrad summer student, 2020: A search engine over natural language text corpora
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Paul Saunders, Undergrad summer student, 2020: A tool for querying lists and web tables
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Saeed Sarabchi (co-supervised with J. Sander), M.Sc. 2019: Extending Tables using a Web Table Corpus
First Employment: Pagnotta Industries Inc.
Portrait Tanner Chell, Undergrad summer student, 2019: Surveying external data sources for an enterprise
First Employment: InsideDesk
Portrait Nathan Vandermolen-Pater, Undergrad summer student, 2019: Collecting and cleaning open data
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Sara Farazi, M.Sc. 2018: Top-k Spatial Term Queries on Streaming Data
First Employment: Thomson Reuters Labs
Portrait Thomas Lafrance, Undergrad summer student, 2018: BareTQL: A tool for querying web tables
current: student at UofA
Portrait Peter Elliott, Undergrad summer student, 2018: Extracting relationships from organizational corpora
Current: student at UofA
Portrait Boris Fleysher, Undergrad summer student, 2018: Extracting relationships from organizational corpora
First Employment: vrCAVE
Portrait Sanket Kumar Singh, M.Sc. 2017: Strategies for gazetteer improvement and enrichment
First Employment: NTTData
Portrait Zhaoyang Shao, M.Sc. 2016: Error-tolerant exempler queries on knowledge graphs
First Employment: IBM
Current: Amazon
Portrait Neel Parikh, Undergrad summer stydent, 2016, Project: Prototyping with a search interface over documents
Current: Student at UofA
Portrait Andong Wang, M.Sc. 2015: Annotating Web tables using surface text patterns
First Employment: SAP
Portrait Kai Zhou, M.Sc. 2015: Offline strategies for online set expansion
First Employment: Microsoft
Portrait Jiangwei Yu, M.Sc. 2014: Geotagging named entities in Web pages,
First Employment: Google
Portrait Muhammad Waqar, M.Sc. 2014: Characterizing users in a classified ad network,
First Employment: Microsoft
Portrait Reza Sadoddin (co-supervised with J. Sander), Ph.D. 2014: Finding surprisingly frequent patterns of variable lengths in sequence data
First Employment: FICO, San Jose
Current: Google
Portrait Saeed Mohajeri (co-supervised with O. Zaiane), M.Sc. 2013: BubbleNet: an interactive interface for retrieving documents,
First Employment: Facebook
Portrait Afsaneh Esteki , M.Sc. 2013: Analzing and extracting lists on the Web,
First Employment: Telus
Current: Tata Consultancy Services
Portrait James Moore, NSERC Undergrad Summer student, 2013, Project: Synonymy
Currently: Student at McMaster University
Portrait Hengshuai Yao (co-supervised with R. Sutton), Topic: A Multistep learning approach to prediction and ranking
First Employment: GroundTruth
Current: Huawei Technology
Portrait Aibek Makazhanov , M.Sc. 2012: Modeling interactions in social media
First Employment: Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Portrait Chaman Thapa , M.Sc. 2012: Non-topical classification of websites (co-supervised with O. Zaiane)
First Employment: DataGardens Inc
Portrait Stephen Romansky, NSERC Undergrad Summer student, 2012, Project: Synonymy
Currently: Student at UofA
Portrait Eddie Santos, Undergrad Summer student, 2012, Project: Synonymy
Currently: Student at UofA
Portrait Pirooz Chubak , Ph.D. 2011: Querying and indexing natural language text
First Employment: UBC (postdoc fellow)
Current: Senior Data Engineer at Apple
Portrait Christopher Pinchak, Ph.D. 2009: Class-free answer typing (co-supervised with D. Lin)
First Employment: IMO, Palo Alto
Current: Engineering Manager at Pintrest
Portrait Yang Zhao , M.Sc. 2009: Geometric Filter: a space and time efficient lookup table with bounded error (co-supervised with M. Nascimento)
First Employment: EMC, Edmonton
Current: iATS Payments, Edmonton
Portrait Eric Luong , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2009,
Currently: Graduate student at the University of Alberta.
Portrait Fan Deng , Ph.D. 2007: Approximation algorithms for frequency related query processing on streaming data
First Employment: L3S Research Lab, Germany
Portrait Reza Sherkat , Ph.D. 2007: Searching archival data for historical similarities
First Employment: IBM Toronto Lab
Current: SAP
Portrait Pirooz Chubak , M.Sc. 2007: Integrating natural language text with relational data
First Employment: continued for PhD
Current: Senior Data Engineer at Apple
Portrait Haobin Li , M.Sc. 2006: Data extraction using wild card queries.
First Employment: Yotta Yotta
Current: Senior Developer at TD
Portrait Jordan Nielson , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2006, Project: Building a query language for natural language Text
Current: Pason Systems Inc.
Portrait Cheng Hu , M.Sc. 2005: Bulk loading a linear hash index.
First Employment: Collaborative Learning Network Inc.
Portrait Gabriela Moise , (co-supervised with J. Sander), M.Sc. 2003: Focused cocitation: improving the retrieval of related pages on the Web.
Current: Project Manager at EPCOR
Portrait Stephen Curial , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2003-2004, Project: ALVIN: A system for visualizing large networks, also NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2005, Project:Automatically Repairing a Wrapper.
First Employment: Xymbiant start up
Current: Software development manager at Amazon
Portrait Eric Coulthard , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2004, Project: Searching for paths in the Web graph,
Current: Senior Programmer at Driving Force.
Portrait Qing Shi , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2003,
First Employment: Department of Statistics, University of Alberta.
Portrait Andrew Lau , NSERC Undergrad Summer Student, 2002,
First Employment: IBM Toronto Lab.