Frequently Asked Questions for our prospective students

Question: I have (or about to have) my B.Sc. from --- and I want to apply to your graduate program to do my MSc/PhD. Do you have any opening in your research group? Can you look at my resume and tell me my chances for an admission?
Answer: Please check our department Web pages (in particular the page for prospective students) for more information about our program and the admission process, and fill out an online application form. This is the only way to know your actual chances and get an admission to our graduate program. List your research interests and the names of faculty members you want to work with. Once you are done with your application and have submitted the supporting documents, I would be happy to read your application (assuming my name is listed in your application) and give my comments to our graduate committee. At the end, it is our graduate committee that decides who should be admitted to the program.

Question: I am a 2nd/3rd year undergrad student at --- and I am am very much interested in doing a summer internship in your group. Do you have any opening or funding?
Answer: If you are currently enrolled at the University of Alberta, please come and talk to me. There is a limited number of funding for our local students, and I might be able to help you get one. For international students, unfortunately our school doesn't have any funding and I don't have any other resources to support summer internship for international students.