CMPUT 692-A1
Managing Big Text Data
Fall 2020

Meetings: MW 9:30 - 10:50
Instructor: Davood Rafiei , ATH 436
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Text data has become pervasive and is found in many different shapes and forms. As the data increases in size and variation, standard models of text and queries are no longer effective or efficient. This departure has led to many interesting models and algorithms for search and data exploration in the past couple of years.

This course studies some of those models and algorithms with an in-depth analysis of the underlying principles that allow these models to be scaled for large data collections and workloads.

Topics to be covered (tentative)

Course prerequisite

Students are expected to have an introductory course in data management and/or information retrieval (e.g. CMPUT 291 or equivalent) and proficiency in Linux and programming.

Grading (tentative)

Recommended books and resources