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Chapter 5

Page 113:
In Figure 5.7 JNO should be PNO in the PROJ and ASG relations and JNAME should be PNAME in the PROJ relation. These errors are relics from the first edition where the relation and attribute names were different.
Page 119:
In Example 5.9, the last line of the first paragraph should be ``(BUDGET $ <$ 200000, BUDGET $ \geq$ 200000) to $ Pr$:''. Also, in the subsequent definition of $ Pr$, ``BUDGET $ \leq$ 200000'' should be ``BUDGET $ <$ 20000''.
Page 123:
The WHERE predicate in the example should be LOC=Value, not PNO=Value.
Page 128:
In item 2 (line 2), add ``responsibilities on the'' in between ``access the'' and ``projects''.
Page 129:
In ASG$ _2$ table, E3 should be E2, E4 should be E5, E6 should be E6, and E6 should be E8.
Page 130:
The first sentence should read: ``Let $ R$ be the member relation of a link whose owner is relation $ S$, which are fragmented as $ F_R = {R_1 , R_2 , \ldots, R_w}$ and $ F_S = {S_1 ,
S_2 , \ldots, S_w}$, respectively.'' Third sentence should read: ``Then for each tuple $ t$ of $ R_i$, there should be a tuple $ t'$ of $ S_i$ such that''.
Page 134:
Entry $ (q_1, A_4)$ in the Attribute Usage Matrix of Figure 5.15 should be 0 not 1. In the equation for $ aff(A_{i},A_{j})$, the second summation should be over $ \forall S_l$ not over $ \forall PAY_l$.
Page 138:
In the equation for $ AM_{old}$, the upper bound for the first summation should be $ i$, not $ n$.
Page 149:
In the objective function, the inner two summations should be over j.
Page 153:
In the definition of $ TCR_i$, replace $ u_{ij}$ with $ R_{ij}$.
Page 159:
In Exercise 5.5, predicate $ p_2$ should be SAL $ \geq$ 30000.

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M. Tamer Ozsu