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Chapter 2

Page 26:
Line 8 in Example 2.1: attribute name JNAME should be PNAME.
Page 27:
The second to last sentence in Section 2.1 should end after word ``unknown.'' Thus, the sentence should read: ``For example, value ``0'' for attribute DUR is known information (e.g., in the case of a newly hired employee), while value ``null'' for DUR means unknown.''
STRONG>Page 30:
In the definition of MVD (line 19), the sentence should be "If for each value of Z in R there is a set of values for ...".
Page 31:
In Figure 3.2, the value of PNO of the 4th tuple should be P2.
Page 39:
In Figure 2.7, the third column (attribute) name should be EMP.TITLE rather than E.TITLE.
Page 42:
The last sentence of the first paragraph of Example 2.13, there is the expression $ (G' \div J')$. This should be $ ASG' \div PROJ')$ so that the sentence reads: ``The result of division $ (ASG' \div PROJ')$ is shown in Figure 2.10c.''
Page 45:
The citation in first sentence of section entitled ``Domain relational calculus.'' should be ``...Lacroix and Pirotte [1977]''.
Page 47:
Line 6 from the bottom: RES should be RESULT.
Page 50:
In the first sentence of the last paragraph, insert ``( compilation)'' after `` query processing''.

M. Tamer Ozsu