Please see The Computer Poker Research Group webpage.

Some other publications (on RoShamBo, LoA, miscellaneous) might be listed here any year now...

Recent Articles about the Poker Research Group

  • National Post, July 2002. An article from the national newspaper.

  • Edmonton Journal, June 2003. A story in the local newspaper (front page, thus redefining the meaning of the phrase "slow news day").

    Old Articles about the Poker Research Group

  • Canadian Poker Monthly, Feb 1998. An interview about the computer poker research group.

  • Edmonton Journal, July 1998. A story in the local newspaper (went on the wire).

  • Science News, July 1998. A good article by Ivars Peterson.

  • Canadian Business, August 1998. Another glossy magazine — this one for non-geeks!

  • Computing Canada, September 1998. A glossy newspaper rehashes stuff from the above stories.

  • The Globe and Mail, October 1998. Latest story in the national newspaper.

    Selected Ramblings

  • Ramsey Theory Report. By request, I've made my 1992 Graph Theory Research Project available. The most up to date Ramsey values can be found in Staszek Radziszowski's survey. For recent papers, see Brendan McKay's homepage.

  • Darse's No-Limit Hold'em Tournament Primer. By popular demand, the basic strategy guide for tournament poker that I wrote many years ago.

    Other selections have been deselected...