CS 486/686 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2003
School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo

Instructors: Relu Patrascu DC2127, x3299 rpatrasc@cs.uwaterloo.ca
Dale Schuurmans DC1310, x3005 dale@cs.uwaterloo.ca

TAs: Assignment 1: David DeHaan dedehaan@uwaterloo.ca
Assignment 2: Ali Ghodsi aghodsib@uwaterloo.ca
Assignment 3: Adam Milstein ahpmilst@uwaterloo.ca
Assignment 4: Linli Xu l5xu@uwaterloo.ca

Patrascu (LEC 001)Schuurmans (LEC 002)
Room: MC 4042 MC 4042
Time: TR 2:30-4:00 TR 8:30-10:00
Office hours: TR 4:00-4:45 TR 10:00-10:45

Textbook: Russell & Norvig. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. 2nd Edition . (2003) Prentice Hall.
Newsgroup: uw.cs.cs486
Java Resources: UW Java Resources

Course work

4 Assignments 40% (Programming in Java, Matlab, and some theory)
Project30% (CS 486 students must work in groups of 3; CS 686 students must do projects individually)
Final exam 30%

Course outline

Course readings and study guide

Course notes


Assignment 1 (updated 11:45 22/05/03) (pdf)
Assignment 2 (pdf) (Applet for Assignment 2 Bonus)
Assignment 3 (pdf) (Data files for Assignment 3: model.mat, show.m, data.mat)
Assignment 4 (pdf) (Data files for Assignment 4: a4files.tar.gz)

Final Exam

Friday, August 1, 9am-12noon, in MC 4040, 4058, 4060

Exam Practice Questions

download samples.ps.gz