Research Interests:

  • Remote Sensing Data Science and Applications
  • 3D Modeling and Simplification in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
  • Scientific Visualization and Analysis of N-dimensional Data
  • Perceptual Analysis of Level-of-detail (LOD) and Texture Scaling, and in particular Research on Just-Noticeable-Different and Scale Space
  • Multimedia Transmission of 3D Models and Motion Capture Data, including Packet Loss issues
  • Quality of Experience in Multimedia Communications
  • Technology-Enhanced Online Learnig, Teaching and Assessment
  • Human Computer Interaction guided by Smart Perception, e.g. skeletal and depth recognition
  • Medical Imaging and Surgical Training


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Previous Industrial Experience:

  • Head of Technology Support, Lloyds Bank International, Asian Region Computer systems development and implementation, project management and staff training
  • User Requirements Analyst, Information Technology Division, Lloyds Bank, England
  • Head of Accounting and Computer Department, Lloyds Bank, Hong Kong
  • Electronic Data Processing, HSBC

University of Alberta

2019 June Multimedia graduation luncheon

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