RMRC 2013

The ICPC Rocky Mountain Regional Contest was organized by the University of Alberta, Oct. 25-26, 2013.


Friday ­ October 25

Registration                5:00 pm­          CSC open area
Supper                      6:00 pm­          CSC open area
Practice Session            7:00 pm­ 10:00 pm
  Welcome and Orientation   7:15 pm­ 7:25 pm  CSC open area
  Practice Competition      7:30 pm­ 9:30 pm  CSC 1-25 and 1-29
  Debriefing                9:35 pm­ 10:00 pm CSC open area

Saturday ­ October 26

Breakfast                   8:30 am­ 9:30 am  CSC open area

Regional Competition        9:30 am­ 3:30 pm
  Orientation               9:35 am­ 9:50 am  CSC open area
  Regional Competition      10:00 am­ 3:00 pm CSC 1-25 and 1-29
  Coaches' room                               to be determined
  Lunch                     12:01 pm­         CSC open area
  Scoreboard Disabled       2:00 pm
  Problem Solution Sketches 3:10 pm­ 3:45 pm  CSC open area

Banquet and Awards          5:00 pm­          Faculty Club
  Results and Awards        6:00 pm           11435 Saskatchewan Dr


Contest website: https://acm.coloradomesa.edu
Team Login: https://acm.coloradomesa.edu/team/index.php
Director Login: https://acm.coloradomesa.edu/director/index.php
Judge Login: https://acm.coloradomesa.edu/judge/index.php
Score Board: https://acm.coloradomesa.edu/guest/index.php

Local C++/Java Reference Files

Refreshed Score Board

Problem Set


Solution Sketches

Final Scores

Canadian teams placed 1-5 and 8 among the top 10 out of 39 teams!

UofA Green (Henry Brausen, Jason Yuan, Afshin Arefi) scored 3rd. Congratulations!