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General All problem links on the main contest page link to the same .pdf. Scroll down that .pdf to the different problems.

I - Bob’s Bag All input weights and nutritional values are <= 10^8, not 10^7 as in the description.

A - Octal Equivalence Is our output/input formatting the problem, or the output itself.

Do not print a prompt. Just use input() instead of input("Please Enter:"). The prompt is output from your program so the output does not match the expected output.
General Do we need to end line inputs with a new line character?

We are unsure of what is being asked. Please feel free to step out to the common area if you still have this question.
F - Set Your Clocks Properly! Just did F without a new line character at the end and got a failure. F with a new line character did not get failure. :(

That's what we expect, a newline at the end of each line.
G - Standoff Is south positive or negative on the y-axis?

Negative. The point (0, -10) is south of (0, 0).

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