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General Basic contest info.

Input is from standard input, output is from standard output. Do not have your code open a file or print to a file.

Compiler/interpreter info

-lm -O2 -std=c++11
gcc 4.8.4

-lm -O2 -std=gnu99
gcc 4.8.4

Nothing special. Our judge will detect the class name and select the classpath based on that, so don't worry about specifying a particular one. Just make sure the class is public.
javac 1.7.0_121

Python 3:
No need to put a #! at the top with the location of bash.
python3 3.4.3
B - Factor This How are we supposed to read the input? On separate lines or all at once?

Either works. As long as the output you eventually produce matches the expected output.

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