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General Basic Contest Info

Input is from standard input, output is from standard output. Do not have your code open a file or print to a file.

Compiler/interpreter info

-lm -O2 -std=c++11
gcc 4.8.4

-lm -O2 -std=gnu99
gcc 4.8.4

Nothing special. Our judge will detect the class name and select the classpath based on that, so don't worry about specifying a particular one. Just make sure the class is public.
javac 1.7.0_121

Python 3:
No need to put a #! at the top with the location of bash.
python3 3.4.3
E - Dice Game Runs of 3?

The roll contains a run of 3 if three of the values can be rearranged to form a consecutive sequence, much like the run of 4 or 5. I forgot to say the "rearrange" part in the run of 3 description.

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