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The following papers have been selected for the CMPUT 603 2007 Poster Presentation Session. Everyone is welcome to attend the poster session. Our thanks to the CMPUT 603 students for their participation and hard work that have made C603 2007 a great success.

Related Link: Papers Selected for Oral Presentation, and presentation schedule.

Friday November 30
3:30 - 5:00 pm, Common Area, 2nd Floor CSC

Best Paper
Presenter:Hui Wang
Title: Interactive Segmentation via a Graph Cut Optimized Statistical Model
Best Paper
Presenter:Mojdeh Jalali Heravi
Title: An Evolutionary Rule-based Classification Approach Using Symbiotic Artificial Immune System
Presenter:Michelle Annett
Title: Authoring a Virtual Reality System to Research Spatial Navigation Using the Virtools Development Platform
Presenter:Sajib Barua
Title: A Spatial Proximity Measure for Mining Co-location Patterns in Multidimensional Spatial Data
Presenter:David Chodos
Title: Integrating Analysis Tools into Web-based Learning Management Systems
Presenter:Evandro de Souza
Title: Network Coding and TCP Behavior on Wireless Networks
Presenter:Neesha Desai
Title: Can Video Game Creation Be Made Accessible and Beneficial to Education?
Presenter:Steven Eliuk
Title: SUNVIZ: A Real-time Visualization Environment for Space Weather Prediction
Presenter:Joel Jackson
Title: Computational Challenges in Synthetic Biology
Presenter:Adam Jocksch
Title: On the Use of Dynamic Information in Compiler Optimizations
Presenter:Amin Jorati
Title: Algorithmic Policy Making in Epidemiology
Presenter:Carsten Moldenhauer
Title: Hierarchical Search - Generating the best search algorithm on any domain
Presenter:Parisa Mosayebi
Title: Coupling Registration and Variational Segmentation for Brain Tumor Identification
Presenter:Yavar Naddaf
Title: Ranking the Rankers: Current and New Measures for Assessing the Quality of Journals
Presenter:David Schnizlein
Title: Vulnerability Analysis of Near-Equilibrium Agents in No-limit Texas Hold'em
Presenter:Mohammad Shafiei Khadem
Title: Task Migration in N-Dimensional All-Port Mesh Multicomputers
Presenter:Marcus Trenton
Title: Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Strategy Computer Games
Presenter:Richard Valenzano
Title: Drawing Large Disconnected Graphs in Interactive Layout Environments