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October Schedule
Mon Oct 1
Faculty Presentations (1)
Human-Machine Interactions
Walter Bischof
Capture of 3D geometry and appearance from 2D images
Martin Jagersand
Programming with Constraints
Jia You
Wed Oct 3
Computing System Security
Gordon Atwood
Mon Oct 8
no class: Thanksgiving holiday
Wed Oct 10
Paper #1 is due.
Reading Assignment #2 is due.
The Task of the Referee
Fri Oct 12
Bidding for Paper #1 reviewing is due.
Mon Oct 15
Distinguished Lecture Series
Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wed Oct 17
Researching, Writing, and Reviewing [PPT]
Mon Oct 22
Paper #1 referee reports are due.
Faculty Presentations (2)
AI for RTS and card games
Michael Buro
Computational Steering and Telepresence
Pierre Boulanger
Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks
Ehab S. Elmallah
Wed Oct 24
Faculty Presentations (3)
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Paul Lu
Resource abstractions for multicore machines
Mike MacGregor
Computer Games and Bioinformatics
Duane Szafron
Fri Oct 26
Paper #1 referee-report rebuttals are due.
Mon Oct 29
Faculty Presentations (4)
Software Reverse Engineering
Kenny Wong
Classical Games and Planning
Martin Muller
Games, Graphs, and Optimization
Ryan Hayward
Wed Oct 31
Reading Assignment # 3 is due
Research Methods