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The Task of the Program Committee

For paper #2 the class was divided into two group, the Montagues (M) and the Capulets (C). The students in group M referee papers written by students in C and vice-versa.

Each group was further subdivided into 2 Program Committees (three groups of 16 students and one group of 17 students). On November 26, from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM, each committee will meet to discuss and rank the papers from the opposite group. That is, both committees of Montagues will discuss and each will rank all of the Capulet papers, and vice versa.

The committees will each meet among themselves and choose a chair. No requirement is imposed regarding how this is done.

The PC chair of each group will assign a "reader" for each paper. Every student will be a reader of two papers (ideally two that they reviewed, though this may not always be possible. they reviewed). When the paper is called during the PC meeting, the reader will be the first to speak and she/he will make a very brief report on the paper and give a high-level summary of her/his evaluation of the paper, as well as indicate divergences with the other two referee reports for the same paper. After this report, the committee will discuss the paper.

The task of the PC is to rank the papers, selecting

At the end of the day on Nov. 26, for each group there will be two such rankings for group M and two more for group C (produced by the two separate PCs). The teaching staff for 603 will then reconcile the two lists and announce the official results to the class.

The two papers selected as best paper (one from each group) will be both presented in class and in the form of a poster. Papers accepted for presentation will be presented to the class starting Nov. 28. Papers accepted as posters will be presented on the second floor of the CSC building. The entire department will be invited to visit the poster presentations.

10% of the final grade for CMPUT603 is based on participation in the PC process. This grade will be assigned by peers in coordination with external observers. The PC chairs will distribute an evaluation sheet that at the end of the PC meeting the members will complete to evaluate the role of the other members of the PC.