PENCE PENCE Proteome Analyst

Proteome Analyst Specialized Subcellular Localization Server
Usage Instructions

Starting a new analysis

Complete the form beginning under the heading "Begin an Analysis:"
  1. Specify a "Submission Title"

    Give a title to your analysis, for example: Experiment 47

  2. Specify the input sequences

    All sequences must be in standard one-letter code for 20 amino acids. Sequences can be uploaded in 2 ways:
    • Select a FastA file on your local disk by browsing for files using the "Browse" button located to the far right of the label "FastA file of Sequences:".

    • Paste a single sequence or a number of sequences in FastA format into the lower area to the right of the label "FastA Sequences:"

    • Be sure if you are uploading a file that the "FastA file of Sequences" option is selected, and if you are pasting in your sequences that the "FastA Sequences:" option is selected.

    Sample FastA Files for our organism groups are available here.
  3. Select the correct organism type

    Select the taxonomic category of your sequences (Ex. Animal) by pressing a button to the left of the desired category's name. This selection determines candidate localization sites (Ex. chloroplast for plants).

  4. Submit the job

    Click on the "Submit Protein/Proteome for Analysis" button.

    A page will be displayed informing you of the unique Analysis ID (AID) assigned to your job:

    Please record your AID as you will need it to retrieve your results.
    For analyses run on only a handful of sequences you may wish to follow the link marked "this page" and press the refresh button on your browser occasionally until a the page displays a link to your finished job. Small sequence sets should be finished processing in a matter of minutes.

Retrieving Analysis Results

Complete the form under the heading "View Results of a Previous Analysis:".
  1. Enter Your Analysis Id (AID)

    Enter the Analysis ID that was given to you when you submitted your job into the area provided.
  2. View Results

    If your analysis is complete a link to your results will be displayed:

    Otherwise you will see a message asking you to check back later.
Please see the Output Description for information on the format of your results.