PENCE Proteome Analyst PA-GOSUB 2.5

Proteome Analyst is currently analyzing several commonly requested proteomes and making results available here for public viewing. Please bookmark this page as the URLs for individual result sets may change in the future

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  1. Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse Ear Cress)
    There are many genes which are similar in all plants and the study of genes in a model organism like A. thaliana facillitates our understanding of gene expression and function in all plants. Furthermore, since animals and plants are both eukaryotes, many of the genes found in A. thaliana have homologs in animals. Arabidopsis has the smallest genome of any flowering plant, which is the main reason it was selected as a model organism for genome sequencing.
    • Download Results : FASTA, CSV
    • Data from EBI
  2. Oryza sativa (Rice)
    Rice is model species for the monocotyledonous plants and the cereals which are the greatest source of food for the world's population.
    • Download Results : FASTA, CSV
    • Data from TIGR
* CSV stands for Comma Separated Values which is a file format that is compatible with most spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel). Each line in the file contains the predictions for one protein, the probabilities for the predictions are separated by commas.