Students and Researchers Supervised


Currently supervised

Lihang Ying, Tao Wang, Meghna Singh and Sharmin Nilufar --- Ph.D. students.


Saul Rodriguez --- MS student. Chris Kerr --- Research Assistant.

In addition, I co-supervise close to 10 part-time undergraduate and graduate assistants.


Already completed

Mark Fiala (Ph.D.), research officer, National Research Council, Ottawa.

Jonathan Baldwin (Ph.D.), research staff at Syncrude Research, Edmonton.

Lijun Yin (Ph.D.), assistant professor, SUNY, Binghampton.

Hossein Sahabi (Ph.D.) --- currently with CYRAS Communications Inc., California.

Stefan Bernoegger --- visiting Ph.D. student from Technical University of Graz, Austria.

Kevin Wiebe (Ph.D.) working as Vice-president for a software company in Vancouver.

Ashraf Elnagar (Ph.D.). Received an NSERC post-doctoral fellowship & worked with Simon Fraser University in 1994. He is at present the Chair at University in UAE.


Yixin Pan (MS) working with a software company in Buffalo, NY.

Lin Cheng, M.S., Research Associate.

Yinzhe Yu (MS), continuing Ph.D. at University of Minnesota, USA.

Robert Shaffer (M.S., 1998) working in Nortel, Wireless group, Calgary.

Meghna Singh (M.S. 2004) continuing on PhD.

David Li (M.S. 2005) working in Hong Kong.

Yongjie Liu (M.S. 2005) working in China.

Yaohua Wu (M.S.2005) working in Hong Kong.

Zhibin Ann (M.S. 2005) working in Edmonton.

Biswaroop Palit (M.S. 2005) worked with Siemens, currently in India.

Kenneth Der (M.S. 1996) continuing as a PhD student.

Xiaolin Qiu and Warren Wong (MS 1996) working with companies in Toronto and Edmonton.

Kavita Ravi, M.S. 1994. Working in Lucent Technologies, USA.

Sydney Lee (M.S. 1994). Working with a software company in Calgary.

Raju Patil (M.S. 1994). Working on Ph.D. at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

Sergio Licardie (M.S. 1993). Working on GPS with a company in Mexico City.

Alan Sullivan (M.S. 1993). Presently working with Govt. of Canada, Ottawa.

Don Murray (M.S. 1992). Worked with MacDonald Detwiler, and is now pursuing Ph.D. at UBC.

Manoj Jain (M.S. 1992). Working in Toronto.


Postdoctoral Supervision

Dr. Minghong Pi (post-doc.), 2000-2004.

Dr. David Southwell (post-doc. & research associate), 1994-1997. Currently, VP Hardware, YottaYotta, a Network Storage company in Edmonton/Seattle.

Dr. Qing Tan (Post-doc) 1995-1996, currently working with a software company in Edmonton.