Selected list of grants (as lead applicant):

Alberta Science and Research Authority (ASRA) ERATT grant --- $500,000, 2002-2005, in partnership with Keeweetinok Lakes RHA, TelePhotogenics Inc. and IBM.


NSERC Research grant --- $39,000/yr., 2002-2006.


NSERC Equipment grant --- $49,000, 2000-2001.


Intellectual Infrastructure Partnerships Program (Govt. of Alberta) --- $140,000, 1998.


HP Imaging Systems Curriculum grant --- only one to be awarded in Canada --- $365,000, 1996.


PVSI/NSERC CRD grant --- $155,000, 1996-1998.


TRlabs/NSERC IOR grant --- $80,000,  1995-1996.


NUS/NSERC CRD grant --- $252,000,  1993-1996.

Industrial Research Scholarships for students --- over $80,000 in the past 6 years.


Funding acquired for local industries:

I planned and prepared the following proposals which were funded to support local industries:

National Research Council, IRAP funds for PVSI  --- $115,000, 1995-96.

Helped PVSI obtain funding from Department of National Defence (Suffield, Alberta) estimated at $200,000.

CANARIE funding for PVSI --- $300,000 (estimate), 1997-99.

Helped TelePhotogenics Inc. obtain sales and contracts from Tunnelling Institute in Graz, York University, Simon Fraser University, Keetinok Regional Health Authority (High Prairie), NoLimits G.M.B.H., NRC & others totaling close to $1 million.


Selected list of grants (as co-applicant):


NSERC Strategic grant --- $173,000/yr., 1998-2002.


CAVE Stereo Visualization Equipment grant --- $430,000, 1998.


TeleLearning Networks of Centers of Excellence grant --- $59,000/yr. 1995-1999.


TeleLearning Networks of Centers of Excellence grant --- $30,000/yr. 1999-2001.

MACI (Multimedia Advanced Computing Infrastructure) --- $2 M for infrastructure and super computer facility development at University of Alberta and University of Calgary.