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CMPUT329 - Fall 2003

Reading Assignment

PowerPoint Presentation

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EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memories)

Address Decoding on a Microprocessor System

The 74x139 Decoder

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Address Decoding

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Types of Memories

Random Access Memories (RAMs)

Static-RAM Control Inputs

A 2nï‚´b SRAM

SRAMs (Static Random Access Memories)

Accesses to SRAM

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SRAM with Bi-directional Data Bus

Internal Address Decoding

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Static-RAM Read Timing

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Static-RAM Write Timing

Dynamic Memory Cell

Writing 1 in a Dynamic Memories

Writing 0 in a Dynamic Memories

Destructive Reads

Recovering from Destructive Reads

Forgetful Memories

Refreshing the Memory

Refreshing Frequency

Refreshing Memory

Internal Structure of a 64K ï‚´ 1 DRAM

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Improved DRAMs

Fast Page Mode DRAMs

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Enhanced Data Output RAMs (EDO-RAM)

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Synchronous DRAMs (SDRAM)

SDRAM Burst Read Cycle


The Rambus DRAM (RDRAM)

SDRAM Memory Systems

RDRAM Memory Systems

Internal RDRAM Organization

SDRAM Protocol

RDRAM Protocol

Bank Conflicts

SDRAM Bank Conflicts

RDRAM Banks ï‚´ SDRAM Banks

Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM)

Rambus In-line Memory Module (RIMM)

A picture of RIMMs

Further Reading

Author: Jose Nelson Amaral