3rd Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

October 06, 2004
Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre
Markham, ON

Associated with CASCON 2004


Taming Pointers -- A Symbolic Approach

Jianwen Zhu - University of Toronto

Parallelizing compilers often stumble on the pointer analysis problem, or the computation of runtime pointer values at compile time. The challenges of precise pointer analysis stem from the need to explore an exponential number of program execution paths, and the need to maintain program state for every program point under all such paths. In this talk, I will introduce a new method for constructing scalable graph algorithms (ICCAD'02, PLDI'04), called superposition, which solves different problem instances in an aggregate fashion. Applying this method to pointer analysis, different program states under different execution paths are combined into a single Boolean function, and solved together using the efficient, BDD-based image computation operator developed by the formal verification community. Experimental results show that context-sensitive, flow-insensitive analysis on programs with billions of different calling paths can be analyzed in seconds. The subject of this talk can be of interest to researchers in high-performance compiler, software engineering and software security.

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