A Comparative Performance Study of Fine-Grain Multi-threading on Distributed Memory Machines

Prasad  Kakulavarapu, Christopher J. Morrone, Kevin B. Theobald, José Nelson Amaral, and Guang R. Gao

We present a comparative study of the implementation of the
  Efficient Architecture for Running THreads (EARTH) on IBM SP-2,
  Beowulf, and the MANNA machine. EARTH is a programming,
  architecture, and execution model that implements fine grain
  multi-threading.  Each platform presents different constraints on
  the interaction between the EARTH runtime system and the network.
  We characterize the performance in each implementation by measuring
  the cost of EARTH operations, such as the exchange of synchronization
  signals, the spawning of threads, and data transfers, and also by comparing
  speedup curves for a set of applications.

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