Decision Trees


Learning in General

[[We will later grab articles on each of the following themes, or commission ones that are not avaiable.]]

  • Classification/Regression Systems, with associated learners
  • Other Types of Learning
  • Foundations of Learning
  • Commercial Successes of Learning

    Machine Learning Resources on the Web

  • Other Learning/Learnability Courses, LectureNotes
  • Relevant articles in journals:
    • in JAIR:
    • in AIJ:
    • in MLJ:
    • in JMLR:
  • DataSets, Algortithms, ...
  • Relevant TextBooks
  • Rich set of pointers to topics related to AI (Russell: UCB)
  • Machine Learning Resources
  • Useful pointers to topics related to Machine Learning [MLJ]
  • Useful pointers to topics related to Machine Learning [Stanford]
  • Machine Learning Software in Java
  • Machine Learning Resources

  •  To track down other literature
  • Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

  • [[We will later write out a range of interesting questions... and/or glean some from various texts]]

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